Hi, I’m Surgey.

I am a psychotherapist and I specialize in teaching women practical skills and support them while they taking active steps to strengthen their confidence and create a life of authenticity, balance, and healthy connections.

Hi, I’m Surgey.

I am a psychotherapist and I specialize in teaching women practical skills and support them while they taking active steps to strengthen their confidence and create a life of authenticity, balance, and healthy connections.

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You Deserve to Look at the Mirror & Love Your Reflection

You have overcome many obstacles, worked on healing from painful past experiences, and improved your life. You are proud of what you have achieved, as you should, and now you realized you are the only obstacle standing in your way. You like who you are, and you recognize you can improve certain areas of your life and learn skills that will help increase confidence, regulate your emotions, and cope with stress without sabotaging your relationships.

Hey There!

As a woman, I heard one too many times what a woman is supposed to be and what she should do. She has to be a good mom, a good daughter, a good wife/girlfriend who can also keep a romantic relationship alive, be a decent and independent woman, have a job/career, be involved in her kids’ school-related activities,

make sure her children have positive hobbies, good grades, and also know where her kids they are and what they are doing, take care of her parents and somehow find time for self-care. Because if she is overwhelmed, stressed, depress, or anxious, it must be because she is not taking care of herself.

Well, get comfortable, grab your favorite drink, and takes notes because…

…I am here to tell you that sometimes taking care of yourself means smashing society’s expectations to the ground and raising you as whom you are meant to be, YOURSELF, and making the radical decision to love you. After all, self-love in this society is an act of rebellion.

It might sound like a cliche, but nothing is more accurate than this;


No one can give you what you need but you.

Whomever you want to be, and whatever you want to do, it all starts from within

Whether you want to be a responsible mom, successful student, or career woman, a woman who has healthy relationships with her family and friends, single or in a loving relationship, or if you want all, it all starts with you.

Maybe you just need to be reminded of what is already there, or you might need to learn how and when to use it, or perhaps you want to develop skills that no one taught you. You want to feel calm, collected, and confident, how I called it, the three big C’s. You want to have control over your emotions, be assertive, and establish healthy boundaries with coworkers, friends, family, and your partner.

And that is where I come in…

I developed programs for women like you. I break down the myth that you have to put others first to be a good woman. You have placed your goals and desires on the back seat for too long; now it’s time to reinvent yourself. I am here to help you connect on a deeper level with the women you want to become and guide you on a journey toward the best version of you.

How does it work?

I created a curriculum that focuses on shifting your mindset to understand that you have to take care of yourself first because you are all you have to give. Work with me in one of my courses where I teach intensive interventions in a short period of time, or work with me long-term in my membership where I support you while you create authenticity, balance, and connections.

Create an authentic, balanced and connected life

Learn with Surgey!

Surgey Figueroa Coaching - Workshop


Deepen your relationship with your partner: Step by step how to communicate effectively is an interactive course where you will learn how stronger, authentic and more intimate relationships are built where you are connected with yourself. The course is designed to teach you step by step how to develop healthy boundaries, assertive communication, and conflict resolution skills to improve your relationship with your partner.

Surgey Figueroa Coaching - Membership


Authentic, Balanced, and Connected is a membership program that helps women increase positive habits and emotional regulation, challenge negative thoughts, develop healthy boundaries and effective communication, and coping skills to increase your confidence and self-esteem. You will have daily access to a professional, receive monthly training, participate in weekly coaching calls, and find community, accountability, resources and support to help you develop and maintain healthy relationships with yourself and others.

“Working with Surgey, I was able to silence the outer chaos and drama of my life. I learned that I can choose how to act and I stop getting involved in ways that sabotage my relationships.”

Jennifer H.

Account Manager

“I learnred how to let go of other people’s expectations and be genuinely happy with myself. I’ve learned to set boundaries and take care of myself.”

Emilia G.

Grad Student

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